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Tri-State Livestock
Credit Corporation
2880 Sunrise Blvd. #224
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Phone: (916) 570-1388
Toll-free: (800) 778-8734
Fax: (916) 570-1389
Email: Info@TSLCC.com



What Is Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation?

Tri-State specializes in loaning money to ranchers, farmers, and agribusiness firms. Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation was formed in 1931 during the depression to provide credit to livestock producers when it was difficult for livestock producers to obtain credit at a reasonable price. Tri-State’s purpose is the same today, plus we have extended that purpose to crop farmers and diversified agribusiness firms that support farmers and ranchers.

Why The Name?

Tri-State’s name was derived from the original three-state territory of Arizona, California and Nevada. The name has remained the same for continuity, tradition, and identification with it founding roots. Currently, we actively solicit loan activity in ten western states and will consider loans in other neighboring states.

Who Can Borrow From Tri-State?

Individuals, partnerships, cooperatives, limited liability companies, corporations, trusts and any other legal entities engaged in livestock production, crop production or agribusiness activities that support livestock and crop producers. We are interested in serving the broad range of enterprises that are involved in the agribusiness industry today.

What Types of Loans Does Tri-State Offer?

The most common loan is a one-year operating line of credit to finance the livestock, crop or other short-term operating asset requirements of the business. These loans are on a variable rate basis.

Term loans are very popular and used to finance capital expenditures for improving or expanding an operation. Term loans can be made on a variable or fixed rate basis.

Tri-State offers loans with up to ten years in maturity. The loan is structured to your specific needs and assets financed. Loans are normally secured but, if justified, can be unsecured.

Tri-State Advantages for You?

• Industry and banking expertise.
• No fees or servicing charges; you pay only for the money used.
• No stock purchase requirement.
• Competitive rates and terms.
• 365-day accrual factor; interest collected when assets are sold.
• At-home service; we come to your home or place of business.
• Checkbook access to your line of credit.
• Access to Tri-State staff seven days a week.
• Toll free service answered by real live staff interested in assisting you.
• Annual financial analysis of your business at no charge.
• Staff interested in your success.

How to Start?

It’s easy! Call (800) 778-8734. OR
Email: Info@TSLCC.com

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